Frequently asked questions

What is a Freedom Business?

A Freedom Business is a business that you can start from scratch on a shoestring budget to sell products and services entirely online.

It gives you the income and freedom to pursue the things you really want to do with your days.

And because it’s 100% online, you don’t need an office space or physical storefront.

The goal is to automate this business as much as possible. However, there will still be SOME tasks for you to do.

Who is Timothy Marc?

After quitting my day-job-of-doom as an accountant ten years ago, I’ve been building Freedom Businesses that have allowed me to travel the world and live a life of FREEDOM and ADVENTURE.

I’ve also shown thousands of people from all around the world how to do the same through our official #1 entrepreneurship program and community, “The Secret Society Mastermind” (SSM).

This community has been building REAL online businesses for the last 8 years.

Aside from SSM, I create profitable online marketing campaigns for ourselves and higher level clients.

Are there any books you would recommend that can help me build a successful Freedom Business?

There’s a couple of different books that have really elevated my Freedom Business game.
The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss is a good overview on what we do. 

Then there’s “Work The System” by Sam Carpenter. 
This book will help you to build out all the checklists and procedures in your business. Building these things are critical when it comes to automating your business.

Next would be, “The War Of Art” by Steven Pressfield. This amazing book teaches you about conquering your inner resistance.

Last is one of my favourite resources, it’s called “Scientific Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins. In your Freedom Business, you’re going to be writing a lot of sales copy and marketing material. 
This book will be a huge influence in helping you craft it.

How much money do I need to invest in my first Freedom Business?

This is a difficult question to answer because every business is different... 

Obviously, the more money you have to invest in your initial development and testing, the better.

If you don’t have so much to invest, you’ll need to do more grunt work yourself which can take more time.

However, I’m very confident that anyone can build a Freedom Business with the raw essentials for around $500-$600.

Do I  have to sell in a market that I have prior knowledge in?

You don’t need prior knowledge for physical products and online service businesses. 
This is because physical products are manufactured for you overseas, and online services are easily outsourced to a freelancer.

If you’re looking to sell information products, then I recommend you only sell products in a market where you have a significant amount of knowledge or interest in. 

We always want to aim for a premium product... It would be hard to sell a premium information product in an area that you know very little about (especially if you’re the one doing the training).

If you have previous skills that you can bring to the table, this is also advantageous but unnecessary.

We have a list of proven Freedom Business markets and niches you can go into.

How can I build a Freedom Business with limited resources?

Building a Freedom Business on a tight budget is do-able but NOT recommended.

In most cases, what you should do is take your day job and pour as much of that income as you can into investing in your business until it’s stable.

With the right plan, almost anyone can “phase over” to full time Freedom Business in 6 months time.
However, you don’t want to put additional stress on yourself.

So it’s advised to have a stable income before you get started.

How many Freedom Businesses can you realistically run at the same time?

The idea of a Freedom Business is that it runs itself with very little hands-on work from you. 

So in theory, you could keep starting new ones and continue outsourcing the business procedures to freelancers.

However, this is NOT recommended for beginners. 

The majority of our members focus on one Freedom Business as they find it enough to hit their target income.

Managing multiple businesses could take a lot more FREEDOM out of your life. 

And there’s still SOME tasks to complete as the business owner.

How do I know for sure that my business idea is validated?

After you’ve sent around 100-500 clicks to your website, you will need to look at the data and do some basic analysis that we show you.

The biggest factor here is determining whether your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is cheaper than your Average Order Value (AOV).

In other words, if you made more money from a customer’s purchase than it cost you to get that customer, then your idea is validated and profitable. 
All you then need is to scale it.

You’ve mentioned it a lot, but what exactly is the Secret Society Mastermind?

The Secret Society mastermind (SSM) is an intensive 12-week course that will show you the step-by-step process on how to build and launch your own Freedom Business that funds a life of Freedom, Fun, and Adventure.

The nature of this “Freedom Business” is that once it has been setup - you can run it from anywhere in the world, just like with our current members.

It takes you all the way to…

1. Profitable online business idea generation
2. Building that idea, brand, website and product
3. Marketing and generating online sales
4. Setting up your business to run on Autopilot so you’re free to pursue what you want with your time

And most importantly, SSM gives you the ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT from people just like you, so you don’t have to go through the whole process alone.

When is SSM opening?

We usually open 1-2 times per year to new memberships. Make sure you APPLY for a membership to be notified on the next intake.

How much does SSM cost?

Membership starts at $5000 per year because of the 1 to 1 support. However, this can change at any time. 

How do I pay for SSM? (Do I have to have a credit card for SSM or does paypal work?)

There will be a variety of payment options available including major credit cards and Paypal. If this doesn’t work for you, get in touch with [email protected]

Do I have to fly to Melbourne or anywhere else to attend this live?

Not at all. The course is designed to be followed from the comfort of your own home. There will be bonus live meetups for members that we call “Freedom Trips.” 

We’ve had four of these already in Thailand, Greece, South Africa, and Bulgaria, Las Vegas and Barcelona. This year we had the live meetup in Bali. The next trip will be announced inside the SSM program.

The idea is you build your business at home, then use that income to join us and meet all the people you talk with online in the real world -- on a Freedom Trip (although you are not required to). 

How can I find out more about the program?

If you have any questions, you can either email me personally at [email protected] or our awesome support team at [email protected].

Make sure you go to and sign up using the form on the page to stay updated about the program as we move closer towards the launch date.