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Who This Is For:

If you've read a bunch of business books and tried some online courses but are still confused as to how YOU can create YOUR successful online business
If you already have a business but growth feels slow or you're too stressed from putting out fires all the time
If you’ve been looking for the REAL people who actually live the online business life
If you're sick to death of all the other stuff that's all "rah-rah" and no results
If you're interested in creating internet campaigns that sell like crazy whilst minimising the amount of work you actually have to do
If you want a proven plan based on millions of dollars worth of online sales and hundreds of our clients' results

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

How to BREAK FREE by building a simple online business you can run from anywhere in the world
Why starting or growing an online business is the safest and most lucrative career investment you'll ever make
An exact formula for success so you can stop fumbling around and finally get the online business freedom you've always wanted
How to avoid the most common entrepreneurial mistakes by hearing from real people who started real Freedom Businesses
A precise step by step plan you can replicate on multiple businesses in multiple niches to scale profits and minimise risk
Access to the most consistently successful, supportive online business community in the world

Here’s How We Get You
Online Business Results:

Our focus is to give you the formula, support and community to build your own online business that funds a life of freedom, fun, and adventure.

This is proven by our hundreds of members successfully building their very own freedom businesses. (see the results here).

From the starting up phase and choosing the right business idea for you…

Through to the marketing and building the systems so that your business runs on autopilot.

We show you our brand new seven step formula through specific steps, checklists, and examples.

Plus give you 24/7 support through worldwide community of like-minded, awesome entrepreneurs.

So the big problem is that most programs out there are all untested, feel good theories that are not proven.

And they do nothing more than confuse you or they are just way too technical for you to follow.

What we do is simply give you what works in launching an online business right now today and as you can see, the people who actually do the steps we outline get the results.

New Freedom Business Friends
From All Around The World

Have you been searching for like minded entrepreneurs?

Are you constantly disappointed with the quality of people in online communities?

SSM is where the people who ACTUALLY GET RESULTS hang out.

Many people make lifelong friends inside.

And meetup in cities all over the world.

See that person in a cafe on the laptop checking in on their sales and team?

Chances are they are a member of the Secret Society.

Are you ready to meet your new community?

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Your Freedom Business Mentor

Hey I'm Timothy Marc and after quitting my day-job-of-doom as an accountant ten years ago, I've been building online "Freedom Businesses" that allow me to travel the world and live a life of freedom and adventure.

I've also shown thousands of people from all around the world how to do the same through our official world #1 entrepreneurship program and community "The Secret Society Mastermind".

When not travelling, I work out of our Freedom Business Launch Lab and Training Studio in Melbourne, Australia where myself and our growing team create profitable online marketing campaigns for ourselves and our clients.

With the technology available these days there's never been a better time than right now to start an online business to fund the exact lifestyle you deserve, and I have the privilege of seeing hundreds of people do this in our community each and every year.

Wishing you all the best on your freedom journey.

Timothy Marc, Founder

Here’s what you get inside:

Step 01: Freedom Business 12 Week Certification Program

Our 7 Step Formula will show you the A-Z to going from zero to making your first online sales in a brand new business.

Or improving your existing businesses sales.

We call this #ringring (making the online cash register ring).

You won’t be allowed to pass into the main Secret Society until you’ve completed this 12 week certification.

Pass Requirements: You have 12 weeks to submit your new business URL to our staff for review and approval.

We currently have a 79.4% pass rate

Step 02: Secret Society Access

You’ll be shipped the Secret Society Mastermind welcome package which includes:

• Official Membership Medallion
• Welcome Letter From The Founder
• Classified Documents To Go Alongside The Training

Membership privileges grant you access to our SSM-Only Live Events and online trainings.

Step 03: Freedom Business LIVE

You’ve built your business.

Now what?

It’s time to join us in an exotic location around the world for our live event and our prestigious awards night.

Our events are fully immersive where we build our businesses LIVE together and celebrate our new success in Freedom Business.

We've had secret meetups and adventures in Thailand, the Greek Islands, South Africa, and even snow ski resorts in Bulgaria.

Why We Do This:

SSM Members value an activity and adventure based life. Instead of sitting in a cubicle all day.

We teach online outsourcing systems so that when sales come in, they're fulfilled to happy customers without you having to do all the work.

Our close friends and family, whilst they are initially skeptical about this whole online business thing…

Now can’t believe that we actually did it.

We play this game to win because although it's tough at first, this freedom and adventure lifestyle is the best way to get the most out of life.

Inside is a brand new updated program as to what works RIGHT NOW in online business.

We are lean, which makes us mean. No massive office with hundreds of staff to slow us down. It's just our backpack, our laptop, our outsourced team of workers…

The secret society mastermind brothers.

And the world.

Are you in?

To secure a spot click below to apply now:

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