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What Is The Secret Society Mastermind?

The Secret Society Mastermind (SSM) is a proven “all inclusive” 12 week online training program that shows you step-by-step how to build and launch your own Freedom Business that funds a life of Freedom, Fun and Adventure.

The nature of this online “Freedom Business” is that once setup you can run it from anywhere in the world, just like our current members.

It takes you all the way from…

  1. Profitable online business idea generation
  2. Building the idea, brand, website and product
  3. Marketing and generating sales online
  4. Setting up your business to run on autopilot so you’re free to
    pursue what you want with your time

Our members create businesses in a wide range of proven niches including online products and services, physical products and information products.

And probably most importantly, the SSM program gives you the ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT from people just like you which ensures you don’t have to go through this whole process alone.

Famously, the program only opens up to accept new members ONE DAY per calendar year to ensure the quality of the training and that each and every member gets the online business success they signed up for.

Wait! Have You Seen The Other Videos Being Released This Week On How To Build Your Very Own Freedom Business?

Click on each one below to get DETAILED and ready to use content on
FREEDOM BUSINESS and how it all works….


There Are Currently



Proven Formula

An easy to follow 7 step guide that takes you from zero to making your first sales online. And beyond!


Incredible Community

Inside you’ll find like minded people who started off just like you and built amazing online businesses that fund their dream lifestyle.


Full Freedom

Many members quit their day job within several weeks and experience living with full freedom whilst making their income online.

“Who Else Wants To Join A Secret Community Of People Who Are Building Amazing Online Businesses That Enable Them To Wake Up Whenever They Want, Do Whatever They Want And Be Fully Free To Pursue Their Goals And Dreams?”

From The Desk Of Timothy Marc
Freedom Studios Melbourne, Australia
April 2018

Dear Friend,

If you’d like to build an online business that sells like crazy… regardless of the industry, then this is the most important training program and community you will ever need.

And by the way, Yes! This is a COMMUNITY.

In its SEVENTH successful year!

Hundreds of people around the world are already members of this program and are using it to quit their normal everyday job, travel the world, have adventures together and fund a lifestyle of complete freedom.

But before I tell you about it, let me make one thing extremely clear:

This isn’t one of those “get rich quick” websites that promises you millions of dollars for doing nothing.

Here’s the deal.

What you’re getting is working great for me, and it’s the exact system we call the “Freedom Business Formula” that I’ve used to create REAL online businesses that give you the income and time to go live a life of freedom, fun and adventure…


But There’s A Big “Catch”

Here it is: I’ve used what I’m giving you to build massively successful brands and campaigns for many different kinds of online businesses.

For example, I helped one guy here in Melbourne quit his “Day Job Of Doom” in health care to make $10,000/mo in his simple Freedom Business.

I helped a young guy from the UK build his entire business from nothing so he could leave his small, cold town and pursue his dream of chasing gorgeous women all over the world (see Matt’s story below).

And I’ve helped hundreds of regular dudes, lawyers, students, and even other established businesses all over the world generate massive sales and revenues using what I’m going to share with you.


I’m not suggesting that everyone who does this online program will make $10,000/mo …or any money at all for that matter.

Because at the end of the day, YOU are the only person who can make your business. Not me, not a book, not some seminar guy, and certainly not the guys in the late night infomercials.

It’s going to be up to you to simply do the steps that we outline and coach you on.

So with that understood, let me tell you exactly what you’re getting in this course:

Note that this is dramatically different from anything you’ve ever seen, read or course you’ve taken – because it’s more of a “Step-by-step” how to with specific actions you take each week.

The reason why is because there’s no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why.

And, it’s easy.

I’ll personally walk you through…

  • How to FINALLY choose the business idea that is right for you, so you can eliminate all the fear around starting a successful online business
  • I’ll show you the red hot online markets to go into right now (as of April 2018) that will be around and profitable for many years to come
  • These are small and large niches that I’ve never revealed before, but they are secret online goldmines just waiting to be tapped using our Freedom Business Formula!

Here’s how our formula is different:

This is about a SUSTAINABLE long term Freedom-Income generating business, not some short lived loophole based web system like “SEO, PPC, Drop Shipping” and all the other current confusing buzzwords.


[Weeks 1 to 3 of the SSM course]

  • Weekly practical A-Z guides with video tutorials, downloads and resources such as “How To Outsource Your Own $50,000.00+ Valued Logo/Brand/Website For Under $200 – they do all the hard work and build it while you’re laid back on the couch watching James Bond: Skyfall”
  • Myself and our Executive Instructor team will literally be taking you by the hand as your personal mentors so you can actually make this work just as we and the rest of the community has!
  • I’ll also walk you through the 7 KEY ITEMS that need to be on your home page to ensure your website traffic is HOOKED on your offer and ready to pull out their wallet and buy from you within MINUTES


[Weeks 4 to 6 of the SSM course]

  • Potent, tried and tested online and offline marketing techniques so you can land your FIRST BIG FREEDOM SALE and see that money show up in your bank account mid-way through the course!
  • I’ll then show you how to set up your sales funnel so you can consistently generate Freedom Income whether you are sitting in a cafe sipping lattes in Spain, or on a beautiful remote beach in Thailand throwing back cocktails with little umbrellas (as a lot of our current members are doing RIGHT NOW)


[Weeks 7 to 9 of the SSM course]

  • How to “automate” your business with remote virtual assistants so you don’t even have to talk to a customer or send an email EVER AGAIN
  • Let’s face it, you want a Freedom Business to be FREE – NOT to be sitting on email all day
  • I’ll show you how to get fantastic workers from the Philippines that will work day and night for you at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent Western employee


[Weeks 10 to 12 of the SSM course]

  • By far the most valuable part of the course is access to the Secret Society Mastermind Community and Forum area
  • This is where you will meet and be helped by past Secret Society members who already have their businesses up and running. With your membership you get LIFETIME access to the forum to make new Freedom Friends and see each other’s businesses take shape as well as your own
  • You’ll also get LIFETIME access with your special “Secret Society Medallion” and Passport to our exclusive Freedom Business events all over the world. This is where you use your Freedom Income to book a trip to an exotic location where we all meet twice a year to discuss business, life, party and enjoy the freedom we have created together


From Zero To $1million!

“How The Secret Society Mastermind Helped Matt From The UK Go From Getting Fired As A Waiter To Making $1Million Online And Living A Life Like James Bond!”

img1Matt’s story started when he was kicked out of University.

Not for partying too hard, but because he couldn’t make the payments.

Stuck without any options he got a job cleaning dishes for pennies.

“I started out at the lowest of the low… I had been kicked out of University and fired from a waiter job back in my small hometown in England”.

When he found out about the Secret Society Mastermind (SSM) in 2011 he said to himself…

“I’m going to join and make this happen no matter what.”

 Matt Meeting Timothy Marc Shortly After Building His Successful Freedom Business

Matt Meeting Timothy Marc Shortly After Building His Successful Freedom Business

Even though, as he will tell you, he knew NOTHING about online business.

The day he signed up for SSM he was literally right in the middle of a busy day at his new crummy kitchen job.

And when the launch countdown timer hit zero…

He ran downstairs in all his dirty kitchen gear, jumped on the pub’s computer and immediately signed up.

His heart was pounding but he’d done it…

He was an official member of the Secret Society Mastermind.

Once inside the program he went through the 7 point Freedom Business formula.



And used it to build a very simple online business.

A text message from Matt to Timothy Marc in 2011

A text message from Matt to Timothy Marc in 2011

With the traffic and marketing tactics inside SSM he quickly hit the $1000 a week mark.

An awesome milestone on his way to Freedom.

But he didn’t stop there…

He continued pumping profits into bigger marketing campaigns.

And rewarded himself along the way of course.



Expanding his outsourced “Freedom Team” to handle the constant flow of new clients.

While he’s off flying around the world like on adventures like James Bond.

Matt And His New Girlfriend At The Secret Society Mastermind Awards Night

Matt And His New Girlfriend At The Secret Society Mastermind Awards Night

img7He recently told me that, “Once you fly Business Class, you can’t go back to economy.”

But that was a month ago…

Now he flies First Class.

Sometimes event private Jets are called for…

Matt And Timothy Marc Flying Private To Las Vegas

Matt And Timothy Marc Flying Private To Las Vegas

And this week he hit another milestone…



img10$1million in sales!!!

And rewarded himself with the latest iPhone:


And apart from travelling the world like a boss…

He’s now an Executive Instructor ready to be mentor you on the inside of the Secret Society Mastermind…



Could YOU be the next Matt?



Come join us!

Important Note: I get it. This sounds WAY too good to be even remotely true and these results are not typical because let’s be honest most people are lazy and don’t take action.

Matt worked his ass off and followed the plan I’d laid out for him PRECISELY.

So if you followed the SSM plan…

Who knows what YOUR life could look like?

You can see Matt and his journey in this Documentary here:


See More Success Stories

We have members from all over the world with stories just like Matt

NOTE: You will meet these guys on the inside in the forum area… they are happy to help and answer questions to get your Freedom Business firing as well!


By taking this training course it’s been incredible.. to be able to support one another to go to…

Lekueyen L

Minneapolis, USA

The community aspect is great – at any point you can just go online and ask guys who have done it or are doing it and that’s really beneficial…

Ryan T

Atlanta, USA

Everyone’s cool – we’re all in the same boat – to be amongst so many cool people – the vibe is just really positive and you…

Craig L

Wellington, New Zealand

I remember myself sitting on the couch… doing nothing with my life… I’ll be forever thankful for the guy (Timothy Marc).

Erin W


We’re at a stage now that University degrees are meaningless right now. If you…

Hursh D

Perth, Australia

When I saw Tim’s video it resonated with me right away – this is what I want and what I’ve been waiting for.

Harry S

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The proven steps and formulae for going about providing a life of freedom, fun and adventure.

Nick J

Sydney, Australia

Since I’ve joined SSM , I’ve quit my job and now I’m living totally remote – doing whatever I want.

Nichlas H

Horsens, Denmark

It’s been completely life changing. I quit my day job about 3 1/2 years ago and started doing…

Steve P

Philadelphia, USA

It’s been an incredible experience, completely changed my life, changed the way I think and been an incredible asset.

Victoria G

Denver, USA

This is my forth month on the road. I just finished a 3 month south east Asia trip… After this I’m heading to Budapest for a month or two… I’m living the dream.

Perlin E

Newcastle, Australia

Tim has a great way of taking a lot of the complexities of business and really boiling it down into “here’s what you need to do”… but more importantly what NOT to do…

Jesse B

Los Angeles, USA


Our job is to get your online business generating income FAST

Will This “Freedom Business” Stuff Work For You??

We will let a current member Sander break it down for you in his unbiased review:

Are You Tired Of Getting No Results In Your Online Business??

Here’s just a few success posts from our Secret Facebook Community


Here’s some more stories from our awesome group of people who are probably a lot like you!


I love all the characters here and the likeminded people who you won’t find in the normal everyday life

Antal V


Eye opening thing is allowing me the option of having an online business while travelling. The community is so strong and to build a…

Jesse P

United States

The amount of marketing knowledge that you get from the course is insane. Whenever you speak to clients they’re really impressed…

Tom N

United Kingdom

You could not have expected for this type of lifestyle to exist. The best internet marketing fairytale ever!

Victor P


Changing your minds perspective of how to go about business. Meet the same sort of guys that have the same ideas of how to live your life…

Soren M


“For me to be able to find and enjoy a free life completely on the internet… Being supported by such amazing guys and being completely…”

Rodrigo F

El Salvador

You have the doubts can I do this etc etc… you meets so many likeminded people from different cultures such as people like the…

Vince O

United Kingdom

I learned that a group of people with a common goal to live a life of Freedom, Fun and Adventure can really happen…

Ashir N

United States

Meeting other people and hearing stories from other people…Outsourcing specific skills that work for them and get you results

Alex C

United Kingdom

You can leave your day job of doom and start living the life that you’re really looking for that you always planned…

Kitty K


Biggest thing I learned was learning systems and how it works.. how it defines our life… I get more free time!

Balint P


Meeting everybody and hearing their stories gets you really motivated… SSM allows you to make the best of…

Kiu F


Really good marketing stuff… the socialising and connections I’ve made with other people who were very similar to myself is really…

Tom H

United Kingdom

I can do the things I desire and live the life I now choose to all based off what I learned. The ability to structure my own life…

Sohil N

United States

How you can automate your business and the procedures you can set up for your employees so that it runs behind your back…

Pamir P

United States

The program teaches you to set your goal of what you want to achieve and the practical stuff to get you there…

Martijn H


How to build a business from scratch..In a few weeks I learned how to be a business owner.. I found a way to be independent and have an…

Lenard F


Place yourself in the premium market and believe in yourself in that market…What people in your country will pay you…

Steph K

Perth, Australia

That it’s all possible. Re-enforcing the mindset that everything that you’re learning is getting you further towards your goal.

Kris R

United Kingdom

Gaining clarity in what a business actually is. Learning to outsource and learning the backbone behind a business, getting the…

Lova K


How to be an entrepreneur. How to make the best out of everything whether in your private life, business life… Meeting up with awesome…

Erhan E


Through Tims course you actually target someone who has a need.  You are doing a service by facilitating a value exchange…

Chris M


Going through resistance – just do it! I’ve met so many likeminded people with similar interests… This is all possible it’s real…

Gorazd R


Whats most powerful is the community. When you’re with people that want to reach the same sort of heights and goals it’s just…

Ludvig F


I didn’t understand networking until the freedom trip….Meeting and connecting with likeminded people everything seems more…

Marcus W


I had no idea how to market myself or brand myself… so many people that have similar experiences that you have…

Carl O


It was really exciting learning you can make a business that you run while you’re traveling. Having the community to back you up…

Gun H

Perth, Australia

Having this awesome lifestyle and seeing what you can achieve if we have the right mindset and the right tools…

Hedi A


You get together and meet like minded people and share ideas. Has allowed me to really believe in myself and become the person…

Christoffer B


The community is the best part of SSM. Meeting the different people who have the same path as you with same goals…

Grant W

United Kingdom

My clients immediately felt that I really cared for them and this really boosted my results. Having a really nice time with like minded…

Lyuboslav A


Make money from anywhere in the world. Take on employees in the form of freelances without the issues that come with employees…

James M

United Kingdom

To really know that I can do something I like to do and to be able to get out of the path of social conditioning…

Roland S


It doesn’t really mater which position you are in, what you have or what you don’t have – the community supports you and will push you…

Pascal F


How to set up my business. I’ve seen a lot of online business’ without seeing how it starts. Very simple process of setting it up…

Neils S


I had no idea what was marketing and what made a business go around… Meeting everyone  and having lots of Freedom chats…

Martynas D


I can have the freedom I want to travel and meet people all over the world.. The community by far outweighs the entire…

Mir S


The two most exciting things I learned in the program were execution… and move on whenever you have a failure…

Neil E

United States

Always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I had no idea of how to build an online business or to be an entrepreneur…

Bart D


My favourite part was the automation.. I had a business already so I can use it for that using the step-by-step process…

Attila N


Meet Your Executive Instructors


Matt Skelcher

Hey guys! My name’s Matt. I’m from the UK and my specialty is operating the business and making sales while working remotely. Super excited to show you guys about working with clients all from the comfort of a coffee shop anywhere in the world! See you guys on the other side.



Hey I’m Spencer from Colorado, USA, and I’m here to help you on your freedom journey. My specialty is systematising and automating your business to run without you. I help you define your ultimate vision and what you really want from life. I travel and inspire others to live this ultimate lifestyle.



Hej. Bobbe here from Stockholm, Sweden. I specialise in mindset and entrepreneurial fundamentals, building working processes, and managing your team. SSM is the coolest community I’ve ever been in where people really help each other. Look forward to seeing you in there!



Hi, I’m Chris from Vienna, Austria. I specialise in lead generation and building stackable systems to maximise your profits. I will be sharing some special tips on both of these and supporting you to make sure your business runs like a well oiled engine. I am excited to see you on the inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Timothy Marc Global, we offer epic online training programs designed to teach you how to build an online business that funds a life of Freedom, Fun and Adventure, even if you have no idea on what sort of business you wish to build, lack the technical skills, and have no knowledge about entrepreneurship.

Each year we have hundreds of new people from all around the world create a Freedom Business with us and I want to make sure that you can make an informed and educated decision on whether the Secret Society Mastermind is right for you.



If you’re questions aren’t answered below, shoot an email.

The Secret Society mastermind (SSM) is an “all-inclusive” 12 week course that shows you step-by-step how to build and launch your own Freedom Business that funds a life of Freedom, Fun, and Adventure.

The nature of this “Freedom Business” is that once setup – you can run it from anywhere in the world, just like our current members.

It takes you all the way from…

1. Profitable online business idea generation

2. Building that idea, brand, website and product

3. Marketing and generating online sales

4. Setting up your business to run on Autopilot so you’re free to pursue what you want with your time

And probably most importantly, the SSM program gives you the ACCOUNTABILITY and SUPPORT from people just like you which ensures you don’t have to go through the whole process alone.

The first Secret Society Mastermind Program ran in 2011 and we’re up to number 7 now.

This is the LAST SSM launch!

Each one gets bigger, better, stronger and generates more successful businesses.

It’s very exciting.

Luckily, you don’t have to come to Melbourne or be in a physical location at all! The program is designed to be followed from the comfort of WHEREVER you want.

There will be bonus live meetups for members, called “Freedom Trips.”

We’ve had six of these already in Thailand, Greece, South Africa, Las Vegas (twice) and Bulgaria.

The next trip will be announced inside the SSM program.

The idea is you build your business at home, then use that income to join us and meet all the people you talk with online in the real world on a Freedom Trip (although you don’t have to).

The epic experience offers you a face-to-face meet up with the other Freedom Business builders, Tim, and the TMarc team.

The Core SSM 12 Week training program is delivered weekly via four components.

Firstly there is the Private SSM Content Area. This is where you will log in weekly and find new training for that particular week. Each week, the content of the training program will be released for the respective week. The training content is a mix of downloadable tools, checklists, templates and video content.

For example, in Week 2 you will generate your Freedom Business idea…so you will log in and click “WEEK 2” and see a video training + downloadable worksheet for that particular section.

Then when Week 3 is released the following week you will see that content.

You’ll also receive access to the private SSM Facebook group. This is where community members get together for general discussion, share success field report/stories and get advice from the community.

We also hold Q&A phone calls with a designated instructor for the first six weeks to get your specific questions answered each week.

These sessions are recorded if you can’t make it and are extremely valuable.

The last component is your Welcome Pack which will be mailed to you on admission into the program.

Note, we can’t tell you EXACTLY what’s in the program. That’s classified. You’ll just have to wait and find out 🙂

We find that people with some understanding of business fair a bit better, but it is not essential.

We have a range of members. Some are as young as 18 years old and still studying at university – using their Freedom Business as a means to support a lifestyle they want whilst studying.

We also have members in the 40+ age group who have quit their corporate life to pursue business building on their own terms.

The Core SSM 12 Week training program is delivered weekly via four components.

Firstly, there is the Private SSM Content Area. This is where you will log in weekly and find new training for that particular week.

For example, in Week 2 you will generate your Freedom Business idea…so you will log in and click “WEEK 2” and see a video training + downloadable worksheet for that particular section.

Then when week 3 is released the following week you will see that content.

The next section, linked to the content area access is the SSM Forum.

This is where community members get together for general discussion, success field report/stories and also update your progress journal for everyone to see how you’re doing.

We also have a regular Q&A phone calls and accountability sessions for you to get your specific questions answered each week.

These sessions are recorded if you can’t make it and are extremely valuable.

The last component is your Welcome Pack which will be mailed to you on admission into the program.

We can’t tell you what’s in it. That’s classified. You’ll just have to wait and find out.

We recommend a minimum of an hour a day, five days a week of focused time to go through the content and complete the weekly missions.

Most members find success in doing this a linear way, week-by-week, but some people come back to sections months or even years later and still make it happen.

All you need is one hour a day of focused work to make this happen.

You’ll find numerous examples of members who used the program to transition from full-time work into full-time Freedom Business during the course.

This type of scenario is not uncommon.

100% believe going part-time is the best way to really go for it.

But don’t screw yourself over by not having enough money to pay your bills and put some into your business every month.

Being young won’t stop you from learning and understanding the concepts covered in the program and then taking action.

We have members who started when they were just 18 and are now KILLING it.

When you join SSM, you join SSM for life.

That means you’ll have access to all future SSM programs as well as be invited on all Freedom Trips – which are now large scale live ticketed events.

At this stage your membership to this round of the SSM program will cover you for LIFE.

I’m very much in touch with the group. I’m always hanging around the private SSM Facebook group responding to posts.

I’m also available via email at

My time per hour is extremely valuable and hundreds of emails a day is NOT what I got into this for, so it’s best you to post in the private Facebook group if you have a specific, direct question. My time is heavily invested in researching and delivering the absolute best, easiest to follow training for our community, therefore, I don’t have heaps of time to reply to individual support emails.

Definitely NOT.

Apart from the training videos, the community is much like the Launch a Business Challenge group, but on steroids. This is because it’s much smaller.

So there’ll be similar interaction, but myself and SSM veterans will feature more heavily.

On top of this, we have our annual Freedom Business Live Event with the chance for face-to-face contact with the community.

Please note that the Live Event cost is not included in the prices of SSM. People use their funds from their Freedom Business to get them there.

We only open access to Secret Society Mastermind ONCE PER YEAR. This ensures that the community remains tight-knit and we can maintain a high quality and personalised training.

As announced, this is the LAST SSM Launch of this form.  There will not be another SSM Launch.

This will not be a problem.

All the content will stay up for you to access when you’re able to and the private Facebook group are going to be busy pretty much all the time.

We understand that you have other things going on in your life, so if you take a break you can come back to the training whenever you’re able.

We take you step-by-step on how to pick your One Key Fan (ideal profitable customer) and generate a foolproof business idea in weeks 1 and 2 of the program.

It could be an online service, product or physical product. We will match the right one to you based on your budget and goals.

We are aware of all of the illegal downloads out there.

Fortunately our copycat technology finds these people fast so the illegal downloads are only a small fraction of the program and the real keys aren’t in these downloads.

Also the program evolves and changes so rapidly each year (as does online marketing) that it’s an entirely new updated program that works NOW. The other immeasurable benefit is the 365 day support and community that you get from being a real member – access to the global network and events, amongst other things, that are worth the cost of the program in itself aside from the training. In short: If you aren’t a real member – you won’t get the real success you’re after.

We keep numbers to a manageable level to keep our training quality and success rate of members very high.

We do this by only opening the program once per year.

If you’re not an action taker or are a generally negative person or if you disrupt and market your products to other members – you will be removed from the group immediately with a full refund to allow someone who suits the program in.

The best thing you can do is be on the home page when the countdown timer hits zero on April 11 at 1pm EDT.

If for some reason you have trouble signing up on the day, please email and we’ll help you as fast as we can.

To be honest, it’s hard to say.

The people that actually follow the steps we outline get the results.

Unfortunately, most people give up at most things…it just comes down to a decision really.

As you can see though we do have plenty of members who are currently smashing it and living their Freedom Lifestyle.

There’s no risk to joining.

Try it for 30 days and if it’s not working, we’ll shoot you a full refund! No questions asked.

I’ve said before that even if you strip the content out of SSM and all you got was the community, it’d still be worth it.

You business success may go up and down, but having a community, even if it’s not SSM, it will help you a lot.

We want the program to be as accessible as possible so there will be a realistic payment plan to spread the cost over eight (8) months, if you need.

A discount will apply for full, upfront payment.

YES. There’s a full 100% no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee.

This is enough time for you to test out the course material and see that it works.

If for some reason you get into the program and decide it’s not for you – just shoot an email and we’ll transfer your funds right back to your account. No strings attached.

You can get your website done for very cheap these days…even for $100 you can get something good, especially if you do some stuff on your own like logos and things like that.

Then you just need some advertising money to get sales coming in – and if done right you won’t even pay for the advertising until after you have been paid by your client.

Of course with any business it always costs more than you expect, and it might take longer than you think. So you need to account for some extras.

This is why I always tell people to have at least a part-time job on the side. Having money come in that you can put into advertising, etc is crucial.

This will be revealed to you over the emails/videos leading up to the opening of the program.

We don’t finalise price details until we have a clear idea on interest levels for each particular year.

We want to ensure that we’re only letting is as many as we can hold whilst keeping our super high product quality and reputation.

Group buys of any sort are strictly forbidden and each SSM purchase is for one (1) member only.

We recently upgraded our technology to quickly detect group buys/multiple uses and sharing of SSM course material.

Where this has happened in the past members were ejected from the program without refund and left with only a small percentage of the program.

Simply put: You’ll get caught and you’ll lose your course fee… But more importantly the people who do these types of workarounds rarely get success.

You’ve gotta be invested and focused ALL IN.

It’s different for everyone. The goal is to make your investment in the program back in the first 12 weeks.

It’s achievable to do this with 1-10 clients depending on what you’re charging.

Our support is 24/7 through our awesome SSM community.

On top of that you are able to get support from any of our TMarc support team members during business hours.

More information on the instructors and myself will be released very soon… but let’s just say I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Just sit tight and get your mind primed! Keep an eye out for an email that will include your next steps, your login information, and other prevalent details.

This will be sent out within 30 minutes of purchasing the course.

I’m excited to see you on the inside…

You’re about to change your life in a way you only dreamed and I take the “getting you there” part very seriously.

I’ll do whatever it takes if you will.

Let’s do it and have fun along the way as well.

Come Join Us


I’m so excited to see you on the inside…

You’re about to change your life in a way you only dreamed and I take the “getting you there” part very seriously.

I’ll do whatever it takes if you will.

Let’s do it and have fun along the way as well.

Don’t forget that there’s absolutely NO RISK to joining the program as it’s backed by our 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so sure that we can work together to build your Freedom Business that will fund you a life of freedom, fun and adventure that if you are at all unsatisfied with the course, simply email me within 30 days to for a full 100% guaranteed money back refund.

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